Do you want to be healthy?
 Do you feel unfulfilled?
 Do you feel you deserve more out of life?
 Do you know in your heart that you want to be doing some other work but feel trapped?
 Are you stuck in a relationship that isn't working?
 Do you want to make a change?
If you answered YES to any and/or all of these questions you are in the perfect place to make that change.
Lavender Jade Wellness specializes in healthy eating habits, study of the authentic self and provides tools for clients to learn how to connect with their inner knowledge in order to become more balanced.  This work helps and supports change with eating habits to transform your body and the tools guide you back to your authentic self so you connect to your soul.
Change is a process…and it is not easy…it is do-able but it takes commitment, determination, will, courage and most of all SUPPORT!!!!!

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