The Company
IMOV LLC is a multi-media production company incorporated in the State of New York.  IMOV LLC owns, produces and plans to create strategic alliances to distribute through physical, digital, and social media, original entertainment properties including, but not limited to, music, film, theatrical, television, literary properties, along with wellness services and health guidance products.

Corporate Mission
IMOV LLC’s mission is to reach a diverse audience through every facet of the entertainment and media communication systems to teach, heal, educate, enlighten and entertain through experiential artistic entertainment, and to rebuild the world through higher consciousness and new paradigm utilizing wellness through entertainment.

Management Team
IMOV LLC founding members are seasoned management executives, technologists, marketers, and, most importantly, unique and talented artists, with an average of 25+ years of applicable experience, including successful startup and management of entrepreneurial ventures and public companies, along with major releases from seasoned top artists, and today’s rising artists.  IMOV LLC founding members backgrounds also include high level experience in holistic health and wellness.  Additionally, several noteworthy business, label and music industry professionals, including a Grammy winning producer, and internationally renown pop musicians are enthused to begin working on IMOV LLC’s projects.

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